One example: CoCooking

SHR is already being used by our own startup CoCooking, SHR is not another chain, is the use of a proven technology to add value and minimize operative cost.

CoCooking is a platform for sharing meals P2P without money. It is being offered to companies as a SaaS game to link employees through shared lunches. According to Eurostat, only in Europe, there is a market of 270.000 medium and large companies with 67 million of employees, where 33% of them bring their own food for lunch everyday, that are CoCooking’s target. This is just an example that will help other platforms understand how SHR chain will help them grow their communities and business in a sustainable way.

CoCooking’s technical core is a reputation and point system. The idea is simple: “One day I cook for you another day you cook for me”. One dish is one chef point, so when a chef prepares a dish for 3 people, the chef will get 3 chef points which she or he can use to eat from other chefs in the future. Who is the best CoCooking Chef in the world? In their company? In their team? In their neighbourhood? What is the favourite dish? You can check the project here:

This is handled by the SHR platform and its ability to manage smart contracts for the Sharing and Collaborative Economy.

What is SHR?